What entry restrictions apply to me if I am not yet earning money from sports?

The practice of amateur and youth sports, if it has a professional character or the goal of earning a living in the future, falls under the category of ``professional purpose``. Therefore, regardless of whether this activity is remunerated or not, it is an exception to the entry restrictions. One is allowed to enter Austria from and to training camps or competitions if a medical certificate of a negative PCR or antigen test, the sampling of which does not date back more than 72 hours, is presented. If this cannot be presented, a ten-day quarantine must be started immediately, which can be terminated at any time by a negative PCR or antigen test. In case of an official examination, the facts must be made credible, for example by a confirmation of the competition organizer.

I am from Austria – what do I have to consider?

When you enter the player hotel or the tournament you must show a negative PCR test.

I was tested positive - can I still participate in the tournament?

No – sorry.

Are viewers allowed?

Currently, no viewers are allowed at sporting events. However, this can change at any time (maybe after the lockdown in Austria)

What about hygiene measures at the event on site?

Our hygienic regulations and measures conform with the CEV hygienic guidelines. There will be toilets at the valley stations which will be cleaned according to Corona measures and our prevention concept.

Is there an after-show party?

No - there will be no party this year! In general, any parties and gatherings are not allowed. However, if unauthorized meetings/parties take place, your Team will be excluded from the tournament.

Can I leave the hotel? Are there open bars/restaurants?

Due to the current Corona measures in Austria, you are not allowed to leave your hotel except when you go skiing. These rules can change at any time and will be communicated to you. These rules are valid until February 7th. Currently all bars and restaurants are closed. However, you can pick up food at the restaurants for take away. Supermarkets are open too.

What do I need for entering Austria?

Entering Austria:
  • You need to take a COVID-19 PCR test with a negative result in your home country. The test needs to be taken maximum 72h before entering Austria. (In addition, most airlines require a negative PCR test – printed out)
  • When entering Austria from abroad, you have to register electronically 
  • Passport
  • NEGATIV PCR Test (printed out and not older than 72h)
    Find enclosed the link for the medical certificate (COVID-19 PCR test) to be signed by your doctor in your home country. This document is needed for you to enter Austria or Germany. 
  • Electronic registration QR code on your mobile phone /printed out
  • Personal Invitation (work confirmation) from the SVB Foundation with passport/ID data included.
  • Hotel Confirmation
  • Once you have registered for a tournament, please send your passport information as well as your detailed travel dates to snowvolleyball@chaka2.com to receive the invitational letter.

During the tournament / stay in Austria

Following information can change at any time – these are adapted to the current regulatory requirements – for current information please check out: https://www.sozialministerium.at/en.html

Important to know:
  •  It is mandatory to wear a face mask at any given time
    outside of your hotel room.
  • It is advised to keep at least 2m distance to anybody
    else during your stay except to your Team.
  • You will face a mandatory quarantine for 10 days if
    you had unprotected and close contact with
  • an infected or positive tested person for more
    than 15 minutes (According the Austrian Law for
  • COVID- 19 prevention).
  • Any leisure or sightseeing activities outside those areas are prohibited.
  • If you join a party/ unauthorized get together –
    your Team will be excluded from the tournament.

What all is allowed in the hotel? What is the food service look like?

Please get in touch with your Hotel. Booking information via info@wagrain-kleinarl.at

What should I do when I feel unwell/sick?

Please stay in your accommodation and report immediately via telephone only to a Snow Volleyball team member at the number +43 664 1412224.